VPN between Fortigate 200E and ROUTER 4G MIKROTIK

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VPN between Fortigate 200E and ROUTER 4G MIKROTIK

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Hello colleagues.
We have a problem setting up a VPN between Fortigate(200E) and Mikrotik(LTE - RB912R-2nD).
The Fortigate firmware is 6.2.16.
The mikrotik's firmware is 7.8

The microtiK has a movistar sim with dynamic IP so the VPN on the fortigate has to be in "Dial Up" mode (The Forti has static IP Pubic). When trying to establish the VPN we get the error "delete IPsec phase 1 SA", we have checked at both ends that the conf is the same, and are identical both phase1 and phase2,

Does anyone know of any incompatibility issue or any solution you can think of?
On the fortigate side we have generated the static routes and policies to this VPN,

Best regards.