Fortigate - What’s new in FortiOS 5.2.3

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Fortigate - What’s new in FortiOS 5.2.3

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What’s new in FortiOS 5.2.3

New Feature

* VM License Check Time Extension


* TFTP Session Helper


* FortiLink in FG-60D with FSR-112D-POE and FS-108D-POE with validation


* Options added to allow the firewall address to be used in the routing table


* Cloud APT License
* NP6 - SYN Proxy


* Log Viewer improved
* Certificate GUI improved
* Admin login permissions for policies, addresses, services, and schedules corrected
* FOS interface was updated to make the FSW connection more user friendly. Users are allowed to change VDOM operation mode by improving the Certificate GUI
* REST API support added for integration with third party applications
* FortiView and SSLVPN videos added to FortiOS GUI support for FSSO/Microsoft Exchange Server
* Source and destination interface added to FortiView
* FortiSandbox-FortiOS (FortiView) integrated
* FortiSwitch Management video added to the FortiOS GUI

Default Setting/CLI/Tablesize Change

* Split tunneling enabled with default FortiClient dialup IPsec VPN
* Redirect-URL parameter increasedfrom 128 to 256
* Show switch controller by default when available (300D and below)
* 300D/500D factory default updated to include Sniffer ports (port 4 & 8 for 300D; port 5, 6, 13, 14 for 500D)
* firewall.vip6 and firewall.vipgrp6 values and missing tablesize details corrected.
* WF and App Profile tablesize aligned
* tablesize corrected
* Block notification changed from enabled to disabled
* SSLVPN hardware acceleration disabled and set Central Management to FortiGuard for FortiGate-92D
* WTP-profile capacity increasedto 1024 for FGT_VM8
* Default SSLVPN Server Certificate changed to Fortinet_Factory
* 300D/500D default app profile updated in the default Sniffer interface


* Exemptions added to SSL-deep-inspection default profile for commonly used websites
* FortiAP
* FortiAP LED dark support


* 4x10G interfaces in 5001D 40G port support

Logging and Report

* Admin permissions added to start or defer the file system check if the FGT was shutdown properly

WAN Optimization

* WAN Optimization feature only available on FGT models with two disks


* FSSO agent support OU in group filters (requires FSSO v5.0)

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